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Our Organizational Structure


Directors craft the vision of what Charlotte Dance Marathon will become and act as the public faces of the organization, providing leadership, direction and motivation for the team effort. Directors must be willing to make Dance Marathon their top extracurricular priority for the extent of their term.

Candidates will be selected by outgoing Directors, in consultation with Hospital and Campus Advisors.


Selecting the right people to support the Directors and bring their vision to reality is vital to the success of Charlotte Dance Marathon. Committee Chairs are tasked with running one of many committees in our organization. They oversee a handful of other students that are all focused on that committee's goals, whether this is Finance, PR/Marketing, or Family Relations, the committee chair ensures that all tasks given to the committee are completed swiftly, accurately, and to the best of everyone's ability.

Candidates will be selected by incoming Directors, in consultation with Hospital and Campus Advisors.


Executive Director

The Executive Director of the Charlotte Dance Marathon sets the program’s vision, oversees the Charlotte Dance Marathon executive board, schedules and runs meetings, keeps in contact with faculty/staff advisor(s), and works as liaison among UNC Charlotte officials, the Levine Children’s Hospital, and Charlotte Dance Marathon.

They are an individual with strong leadership and decision-making skills. This person is ideally a great public speaker and solid motivator; has big picture thinking that will inspire others and allow the program to grow but is also detail-oriented; has the ability to mediate without micromanaging, guiding the committees under their leadership effectively.

  • Serves as the main point of contact and face of the organization

  • Develops a strategic plan/vision for the year and facilitates goal-setting

  • Holds regular meetings with External (Relations) and Internal (Operations) Directors & the Leadership Team

  • Tracks overall progress of the organization

  • Works closely with the Hospital Advisor and Campus Advisor

  • This position typically has oversight of the following committees: Finance , Morale, Catering and Sponsorships​.*

  • Ensures a smooth transition to new leadership as term conclude


External (Relations) Director

The External (Relations) Director focuses on building campus awareness, campus connections and planning communication strategies.This director oversees all aspects surrounding the program leading up to the dance marathon event and the committees that are responsible for the details of those events. This director is familiar with the functions and specific timelines of each of the committees under their leadership. They should keep track of and facilitate the activities of the committees. Directors should be prepared to assume individual committee chair roles, should the need arise. This position typically has oversight of the following committees: Campus Relations, Fundraising, Marketing and Public Relations*


Internal (Operations) Director

The Internal (Operations) Director focuses on all aspects of event planning for “the big event,” Charlotte Dance Marathon 2018-2019, as well as logistical needs throughout the school year. This director is familiar with the functions and specific timelines of each of the committees under his/her leadership. They should keep track of and facilitate the activities of the committees. Directors should be prepared to assume individual committee chair roles, should the need arise. This position typically has oversight of the following committees: Entertainment, Family RelationsOperations, and Technology.*

*Delegation of committee oversight duties for 2018-2019 will be finalized once all Directors are appointed.


Campus Relations

  • The Campus Relations committee focuses specifically on reaching out to and building relationships with our campus community. They strategically reach out to various groups on campus to educate them about Dance Marathon and encourage their participation with the cause. The committee maintains a positive relationship with these groups and may also organize support for campus groups by Dance Marathon.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Reaching out and promoting Dance Marathon to groups on campus: faculty, staff, Greek organizations, athletics, student organizations, etc.

    • Create and maintain a positive image of Dance Marathon among these groups

    • Support these groups in their activities to build goodwill for DM

    • Work with the Fundraising Committee to encourage groups to create their own events and fundraising projects.


  • Members of Campus Relations should feel comfortable speaking about Dance Marathon and able to translate their passion for the cause to compel others to participate. They should be professional when making presentations to various groups and responsible while maintaining relationships with those groups.


  • The Campus Relations committee is typically divided into 4 co-chairs (Athlete, Greek, Faculty/Staff and Student Orgs/Housing Relations)

    • Athlete Relations: Target the Division 1 and club sports teams at UNCC. Create relationships with members of the Athletics Department as well as coaches/members of sports teams.

    • Greek Relations: Target the different Greek Organizations on campus (PHA, NPHC, DGC, IFC, Independent Council). Make connections in the Greek Life office.

    • Student Orgs and Housing: Target student organizations, honors programs and specifically involve RSA (Resident Student Organization) to reach on campus residents in all residence halls.

    • Faculty/Staff: Target Faculty/Staff members through email and other avenues such as the Faculty/Staff newsletter (Inside UNC Charlotte) to encourage their involvement. Ask about opportunities to come speak to their class(es) about Dance Marathon.


Business Relations: Catering

  • The Catering Committee plays a vital role in the success of Dance Marathon by ensuring that participants are well fed and fueled throughout the 12 hour "big event." The Catering Committee is responsible for all aspects of food and beverage for the Dance Marathon event including soliciting donations from local food providers, arranging storage or scheduling delivery during the event, and prepping and serving each meal or snack.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Solicit in-kind food donations

    • Create the event menu

    • Serve and prepare all scheduled meals and snacks

    • Work with external committees on catering needs for special events, fundraising, meetings and other activities.


  • Catering requires a great deal of organization and coordination. Committee members are ideally focused and able to plan ahead, but flexible enough to think quickly if things do not go as planned. They should be responsible and professional as they will be soliciting in-kind meal donations that are at the core of this event.


Business Relations: Sponsorships

  • The Sponsorships Committee plays a large role in helping to raise money "For The Kids." Sponsorships committee members are responsible for creating and maintaining positive relationships with local businesses who wish to support our cause by either donating in-kind items such as raffle/auction items or monetary donations to go towards our fundraising total.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Solicit in-kind or monetary donations from local businesses

    • Promote the different sponsorship levels and their benefits

    • Keep records of all sponsorships received, both monetary and in-kind as well as their monetary value.

    • Communicate effectively with sponsors and potential sponsors

    • Ensure all deliverables are met and reported back to sponsors post-event.


  • Dance Marathon is one big party and it is up to the Entertainment Committee to make sure it doesn’t stop! Entertainment is responsible for recruiting exciting, high-energy music, dance and other acts that will help keep the dancers’ feet moving and the energy up throughout the event.


  • Entertainment committee also schedules the entertainment acts and creates the master schedule for the entire DM event.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Recruit entertainment acts

    • Control the Dance Marathon master schedule

    • Create an entertainment line up that will keep dancers energized

    • Work closely with the Technology Committee regarding visual aids/the master schedule

    • Recruit entertainment for other special events throughout the year.


Family Relations

  • The Family Relations committee works closely with our Hospital Advisor and Levine Children’s Hospital to make Miracle Children and their families an integral part of Dance Marathon. After all, they are the reason we are all here! The committee will work with the hospital to identify families that would like to participate, incorporate their stories into regular meetings, publicity, events and Dance Marathon itself to connect participants to the cause. The kids make Dance Marathon a touching and inspiring experience for everyone involved.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Connecting all other committees and participants to the cause

    • Work with LCH to identify appropriate families

    • Incorporate Miracle Children and families all year long through special family events like tailgates, movie nights, inviting them to speak at meetings, etc.

    • Highlight Miracle Children and families throughout the DM event.

    • Create a Family Room space for the families during the Marathon.

    • Work with catering to develop a menu for the families during the event. This meal will be served in the family room and should comply with all necessary dietary needs and restrictions of the kids in attendance.


  • Family Relations Committee members will have direct contact with families and children who often have special needs. They should be able to act with discretion and compassion, always putting the needs of the families first. Being comfortable with children - especially sick kids - is a bonus.


  • The Finance Committee oversees all aspects of Dance Marathon that involves collecting, counting and reporting money. From setting and managing the overall budget, to accounting for dollars received from fundraising events, the final total revealed at the end of the evening will be the result of the committee’s careful work.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Overseeing all financial aspects of Dance Marathon including accounts, budgets, reporting and collecting funds and donations.

    • Establish and monitor Dance Marathon budgets

    • Track and update fundraising information for dancers and sponsors.

    • Calculate final total and organize total reveal at the DM event Closing Ceremony.

    • Keep record of outstanding reimbursements or purchases for committee members as well as personal spending on behalf of Dance Marathon through the appropriate forms.

    • Maintain communication with the SAFC Business Manager on the balance of our on campus agency account. Contact SAFC Business Manager for any invoices that need to be paid directly out of the agency account or questions about how that money can be used.

    • Follow up after events to collect any outstanding funds.


  • The Finance Committee needs members who are comfortable working with money and numbers. In the year leading up to the Dance Marathon event, money will change hands frequently and both revenues and expenses must be accurate.



  • The purpose of Dance Marathon is to raise funds "For The Kids"! The Fundraising committee takes the lead in developing all aspects of raising funds from setting dancer fundraising goals to motivating groups and individuals to raise money,. The committee also executes special fundraising events.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Motivate groups and individuals to raise money

    • Organize fundraising opportunities (canning, online, emails and letter writing)

    • Create and execute special fundraising events (Rent-A-Puppy, King of Pops, Date Auction, etc.)

    • Assist campus groups in their own fundraising projects.

    • Implement day-of-fundraising opportunities for Dance Marathon


  • Committee members should be outgoing and professional students. They should be comfortable encouraging others to participate and motivating them to give their time, money, goods or services to support DM.


Marketing and Public Relations

  • The Marketing/PR Committee focuses on developing ways to promote Dance Marathon, create cause awareness and build a positive image for Dance Marathon among different audiences. The committee targets various audiences by developing messages, building and maintaining relationships with the media and creating communication tools to promote Dance Marathon.


  • Duties include, but are not limited too:

    • Developing campaigns and activities to promote Dance Marathon

    • Create promotional information packets and giveaways to raise awareness

    • Promote 2-way communication with DM audiences

    • Proactively reach out to various media outlets

    • Represent DM to the media in person and online


  • The Marketing and Public Relations committee is typically divided into 3 co-chairs (Social Media/Website, Graphics & Print and Campus/Community Engagement)

    • Social Media/Website: Promote Dance Marathon, Levine Children’s Hospital, events and updates through our website (charlottedm.org) and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. Create and maintain a consistent presence for DM online.

    • Design & Print: Create flyers, handouts, etc. promoting Dance Marathon events. Work with SAFC Business Manager to get appropriate form to request printing from Repros out of our agency account on campus or find other appropriate printing resources. In charge or making sure there are always enough flyers and handouts for tabling.

    • Campus/Community Engagement: Establishes schedule for tabling on campus and chooses location. Makes reservations for tables and manages sign ups/volunteering for tabling sessions. Creates contacts with on and off campus media outlets and establishes a relationship to help promote Dance Marathon to the greater Charlotte community.


  • Members should be comfortable making presentations and be professional in their attitude. They should be organized, flexible and strategic thinkers and be comfortable reaching out to the media.



  • The Morale committee is always one level of excitement above the crowd! The energy and passion of the Morale committee drives the success of Dance Marathon by keeping the dancers excited, healthy and connected to the cause throughout the event. For the dancers, the committee members are cheerleaders, advisors, coaches and friends.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Establish color groups for the participants leading up to and at the DM event.

    • Coordinate pre-event meetings for each color group (color group rooms).

    • Keep participants excited and engaged from registration to the event.

    • Create and teach the Morale Dance to all participants during the DM event.

    • Develop color games, activities and themes for the DM event.


  • Committee Members or “Moralers” need constant energy and passion to energize the dancers in any situation. They also need compassion and the ability to motivate each person through the toughest hours of the event.



  • The Operations committee is the backbone of Dance Marathon. Working behind the scenes, committee members lay the physical foundations that make a successful DM event. The committee takes the lead in securing the space where the event is held, develops and organized floor plan, schedules deliveries and storage at the site and coordinates the setup, breakdown and clean up the entire event.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Work closely with the Operations Committee and serve as a liaison with the Halton Arena facility staff

    • Communicate the event layout and manage the master floor plan

    • Communicate rules and regulations for the event to all participants

    • Coordinates deliveries, storage and other logistics

    • Organize the setup and breakdown of the event

    • Schedules and attends meetings with appropriate campus staff to reserve spaces, decorations and secure proper security and medical staff on hand for the event.


  • Committee members need to be organized and able to think on their feet. They should be willing and able to pitch in wherever needed - during the setup details and planning prior to the event and afterwards when cleanup is essential.



  • The Technology committee plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining all aspects of Dance Marathon’s tech presence. This includes, taking photo and video throughout the event, creating a closing ceremony video from the content captured during the event, managing the audio and video played and displayed during the event and working directly with the Student Union tech staff before and during the event.


  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Obtain equipment to record and create photos and videos

    • Be on hand to record/create promotional and motivational videos before and after the event.

    • Recruit a group of tech-versed students to film and create videos throughout the DM event.

    • Create a list of audio and visual cues for each speaker or entertainment act and relay all of this information to the appropriate UNCC staff in an organized manner before the event.


  • The technology committee is one of the smaller groups within DM. Members will need to be well-versed in creating video with tools over a short time frame.



  • The recruitment committee is composed of energetic individuals passionate about spreading the word about Dance Marathon! This committee leads the way in planning general student recruitment events and creating initiatives retain and increase the involvement of new and returning members. The committee also collaborates with the four campus relations committees to help with targeted recruitment events and new member sign-ups.

  • Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating and executing initiatives to attain new member and returning member registration  

    • Planning a recruitment week

    • Promoting Dance Marathon at new student days, orientations, student orgs showcases, etc.

    • Recruiting volunteers for DM events throughout the year

    • Working to convert past dancers to committee members

    • Collecting feedback on recruitment events

  • Committee members need to be able to “sell” Dance Marathon and be comfortable speaking about it to strangers. The should be able to build rapport and form relationships with members of UNC Charlotte’s diverse student body. Committee members should be organized, team players, and passionate about the cause!