Want to Dance with Us?

How To Join


To become a dancer, all you have to do is register on our donor drive page (found here). You can register as part of a team or as an individual! Anyone can create and be on a team. If you don't have a team, come dance as an individual and meet some amazing people at the event. Once you are signed up, you are officially part of our event! As a dancer, you will get:

           1. An amazing night spent dancing FTK!

           2. Three meals at the event (to fuel all of the                      dancing)

We have NEW personal fundraising incentives that can be found below. If dancers fundraise just $25, they'll receive an event T-shirt plus many other exciting prizes. 

How To Fundraise


There are so many ways for you to raise money FTK! We strongly encourage every dancer to raise at least $100 for LCH. Most of the money we raise is done through personal donations from sending letters, emails, phone calls, etc. Other options are having a garage sale, hosting a car wash, canning (with permission from the business), or selling your old clothing! All of your fundraising efforts go straight to LCH and we have some exciting prizes for the individuals/teams that raise the most!


If you need help creating an email, check out this sample letter!